Cybermo makes securing your business against constantly evolving threats easy and affordable with next generation solutions.


With the ever growing use of mobile devices, social networks, cloud-based applications and evolving intrusions, your business is under constant threat. The latest report from security firm Kaspersky Lab reveals that the first quarter of 2016 saw a spike in the use of Ransomware attacks – an insidious type of malware that encrypts, or locks, valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them – which researchers said could become the main problem of 2016.

Whilst deliberate outside attacks are a huge concern; your own employees also unwittingly threaten your network by opening email-borne viruses, running bandwidth hungry applications and accessing the wrong websites on a daily basis.

Traditional approaches to network security simply cannot adapt to protect against these latest trends and relying on them is leaving organisations vulnerable to today’s advanced threats. Take Ransomware, for example, once Ransomware gets into a user’s system, there is almost no chance of getting rid of it without losing data. Preventing Ransomware from ever entering your network is the best form of defence and only possible with Next Generation Malware Protection.

As network threats evolve and new threats emerge, network security must change and adapt to protect against such threats.

Do you know your network’s vulnerabilities?

After just 7 days of monitoring your network, during which time you’ll see no interruption to your infrastructure, you’ll receive  a comprehensive report that summarises our findings and presents a set of recommendations for addressing detected events. Download a sample report here.

A Cybermo Cyber-Risk Audit can help you better understand:

  1. Application vulnerabilities that are attacking your network

  2. Which malware and botnets are detected and which devices are ‘at risk’

  3. Which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging and other applications are running

  4. User browsing habits

  5. Your throughput, session and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours

Managed Service Overlay

Maintaining a secure network can be extremely complex, time-consuming and costly. Cyber-security solutions must be upgraded and patched on a continual basis while security policies and configurations must be kept current to ensure that access controls keep pace with evolving business needs.

Cybermo are here to help, with our Managed Service Overlay, you can leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on running your business.

Our experienced engineers will take responsibility for the configuration, maintenance and management of your Next-Generation Malware Protection, responding as necessary to any threats and performance or functionality issues to ensure that your business is protected at all times.