When serious incidents are detected, time is of the essence. Cybermo Incident Response services are designed to help SMEs resolve incidents rapidly. 


When serious incidents are detected, time is of the essence, yet the most common response is for IT teams to work tirelessly to try to halt the breach by randomly shutting down the connectivity paths of what is believed to be rogue.

This ad-hoc approach to remediation is seldom repeatable or auditable because learning is not passed on or documented which means organisations remain vulnerable to similar attacks in the future.

Cybermo Incident Response services are designed to help organisations resolve incidents rapidly, minimise operational impact, return to normal operations and prevent incident recurrence with expert investigation and analysis.

Our experts use a variety of techniques including log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence to determine the root cause – whether originating from inside or outside your organisation, timeline and extent of the incident.

By establishing the root cause and identifying malware movement throughout the environment, organisations can minimise the cost and overall impact of any breach, as well as identify methods to strengthen your defences to reduce future risk.

Following the conclusion of Incident Response and Remediation activities, CYBERMO will provide you with a comprehensive report of the investigation detailing the source of infection, where it entered the environment, and what data was compromised as well as recommendations and proposals for avoidance of future incidents, identified by our experts.