Fast, reliable business connectivity


Keeping your business connected

Business connectivity is too important to leave to chance, yet because of the myriad options and pitfalls, many businesses make the wrong choice. At Cybermo, we know exactly how each option works in every scenario and environment, so we make sure you get the connectivity that is best suited for your business.

With access to all major UK carriers, we secure the solution that works for your business - now and in the future. We deliver the quickest lead times and most competitive pricing, whichever technology you choose. 

ADSL diagram

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Broadband

ADSL is an entry-level business broadband which runs an analogue phone line.

It is ideal as a primary internet connection for smaller businesses or a back-up solution for larger business. With a quick installation time and speeds of 24 Mbps, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Installation: 10 working days

FTTC diagram

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) Fibre Broadband

FTTC is much quicker than ADSL, it also requires an analogue line but has faster speeds of up to 80 Mbps.

It’s reliable and quick to install. Whilst it is widely available, some addresses currently do not have access to FTTC but we can check this for you. 

Installation: 10 working days

EFM Diagram

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

EFM uses existing copper lines to deliver a fast and reliable connection to your office but at a fraction of the cost of a fibre leased line. EFM delivers symmetrical bandwidth speeds of up to 20 Mbps with no contention. 

EFM is ideal for companies that share large amounts of data between remote sites.

Installation: 25-30 working days

Leased Line Diagram

Fibre Leased Line 

A fibre leased line offers dedicated connectivity directly to your premises. Whilst bandwidth falls at peak times with other forms of connectivity, with a leased line the bandwidth has been reserved solely for you,   

With symmetrical upload and download speeds from 10 Mb up to 1GB, it can be tailored to your business so that you avoid wastage and only pay for the bandwidth that you need.  

Whilst the price is higher for a leased line, if your business relies on speed, reliability and security then a leased line is the one for you.

Installation: 45-90 working days

Wireless Fibre

Wireless fibre explaination diagram

Wireless Fibre delivers internet connectivity over airwaves, offering 1GB symmetrical broadband speeds without the need for fibre.

Wireless Fibre removes the need to install an underground fibre leased line which can take as long as 90 days to install and demands a legal wayleave agreement. Because there is no need to dig up the road or draw up a legal agreement, Wireless Fibre service can be installed in less than seven working days.

Because of the shorter lead times and reliability, WireLess Fibre has become a viable alternative to traditional fibre. Many customers are now opting to use WireLess Fibre as a second line, offering a reliable backup solution, with the additional capacity also used to reduce the burden on the core network. It can also be used a temporary solution while moving premises or waiting for a fibre line to be installed.

Installation: 7 working days

MPLS explaination diagram


MPLS connects multiple business locations, delivering fast, reliable communications unimpeded by geographic location.

This is bespoke installation delivers a secure, cost-effective, high-performance network, spanning offices and countries to allow seamless communications and collaboration.

The high-speed MPLS connectivity provided by Cybermo provides flawless, secure and adaptable communications to demanding business. The technology means that MPLS is scalable and future-proofed, meaning you can add additional functionality and bandwidth as the business requires it.